Day 1 - I've got a new pet Blog.

I've started blogs before. In fact, this isn't even a new blog. I just hid the old posts that I felt are from a different life than what I have now. So thinking about what to blog isn't a new experience for me. The problem is that whenever I get to this place, I always realize I still have a lot of the same thoughts as I did years ago and I don't want to recycle old information. That being said, it is New Years 2017, and I have some resolutions that I would like to have you help hold me accountable to.

Start TWO Blogs. Well, check on Blog 1. The other Blog will be a Young Life Leader Resource Blog that I will use to help get information out to people who make up the next generation of Biblical Leadership. I would like to start off the year with a Social Media Fast. So for three weeks I will have no Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook. It is for freedom that we've been set free. I don't often feel free of those things, so sometimes clearing out some room fo…